The Mace


This is the top of the mace, called the Dome. When learning moves and spins, people will say for example thumb should point to the dome.


Likewise in other moves, people will say thumbs must point to the tip. this is the bottom of the mace.

Balance point

The Balance point is where the mace will balance between the dome and the tip. Once you have located you balance point make it with a contrasting tape. Knowing where the balance point is with aid you in learning how to spin the mace.


e over the d clips on your mace, this will stop you from catching your fingers on them, whilst practicing.

Mace practice hints and tip

First thing I learned is, you will drop the mace, so practice on grass so you will reduce the risk of damaging the mace.

Practices often, it doesn’t have to be hours and hours, I found ten to fifteen minutes a night work well.

Set yourself goals, I try to learn one mace move per week.

Try and get the move correct in slow time, as speed will come later.

Practice in front of a mirror, glass doors or even video your practice, so you can see what you look like. You can see if you are keeping the mace straight.

So what do I need to learn

So I have been given the mace, so what do I need to learn and how do I find the information on how to perform some of the mace moves.

I have been using YouTube and following ArtyMac, UnionMine as well as Kevin Davis on Vimeo.

So I think I need to learn how to perform the following.

  • Prop spin
  • Thumb roll
  • Rife toss
  • Roundhouse
  • Side flourish
  • Behind back
  • Cain walk
  • Simple toss
  • Thumb toss
  • Two-handed toss
  • Two-handed Neck wrap
  • Arm wrap
  • Back with roll
  • Palm spin
  • One-handed neck wrap
  • Elbow wrap
  • Mace stop
  • Pike
  • Tuck

Rob and the Mace

Rob has volunteered to stand in as Band Major. He has no experience of using a mace so this is a diary of how he gets on. Hoping that other Band majors find this useful.

Rob was given the Mace on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday. He then led the band for both the Copythorne and Lyndhurst parades.