So what do I need to learn

So I have been given the mace, so what do I need to learn and how do I find the information on how to perform some of the mace moves.

I have been using YouTube and following ArtyMac, UnionMine as well as Kevin Davis on Vimeo.

So I think I need to learn how to perform the following.

  • Prop spin
  • Thumb roll
  • Rife toss
  • Roundhouse
  • Side flourish
  • Behind back
  • Cain walk
  • Simple toss
  • Thumb toss
  • Two-handed toss
  • Two-handed Neck wrap
  • Arm wrap
  • Back with roll
  • Palm spin
  • One-handed neck wrap
  • Elbow wrap
  • Mace stop
  • Pike
  • Tuck